avatarHey! My name is Dennis and I’m a true open source enthusiast. I like to discover new techniques and find out how to utilise them in such a way my customers can benefit the most.

This is my personal weblog, a place where I like to share some of my thoughts or solutions on a great range of different (mostly technical) topics.

My current employer is Xifeo, where I work as a Linux Consultant. My specialities are DevOps, automation, monitoring and engineering. For more information about me or my work please feel free to check out my LinkedIn page. If you’re ever in need of Linux services, do not hesitate to contact me or Xifeo.

I use my weblog to document interesting things I stumble upon. Sometimes when I create something or find a solution and think other people may benefit from it I like to share it here.

The contents of this website reflect my personal opinions, and are in no way reflections of my employers, present or past. The postings on this site are AS-IS, and imply no warranties, nor confer any rights.

In short: if you break something you can’t blame my weblog